ЗИЛ (г. Москва)

ZIL (located in Moscow)

Спеццех автозавода ЗИЛ - полностью ручное производство лимузинов высшего класса. Традиционный экипаж высших государственных лидеров и руководителей крупнейших предприятий.

This is fully personal production of the top class limousines for the leaders of the country. Each car was produced under special control including the special testing for every detail, including even each screw! Almost the only worlds totally handmade vehicle. Frankly speaking even Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit is a Volkswagen near it.

Cat# Model No.      
r43-z-108 ZIL 115 с антенной и стеклом между водителем и пассажирами A42 Zil 115 A42 Zil 115 A42 Zil 115 A42
Zil 115 A42 Zil 115 A42  
r43-z-101 ZIL 115   z115a-01.jpg (1305 bytes) z115b-01.jpg (1275 bytes)  
r43-z-102 ZIL 115 "Кабриолет" ("Convertible")   z115cab_a-01.jpg (1307 bytes) z115cab_b-01.jpg (1269 bytes)  
r43-z-103 ZIL 115 "Свадебный" ("Wedding - Just married")   z115wed_a-01.jpg (1291 bytes) z115wed_b-01.jpg (1350 bytes) z115wed_e-01.jpg (1203 bytes)
r43-z-104 ZIL 117 A31 z117a-01.jpg (1302 bytes) z117b-01.jpg (1321 bytes) z117z-01.jpg (1358 bytes)
r43-z-107 ZIL 117 A31
r43-z-106 ZIL 117"Парадный" ("SE, used during the military parade on the Red Square") A31HANDMADE (РУЧНАЯ РАБОТА)
r43-z-105 ZIL 117 "Свадебный" ("Wedding - Just married")   z117wed_a-01.jpg (1299 bytes) z117wed_b-01.jpg (1368 bytes)  

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